Monday, February 9, 2009

From the hot to the cold

Hello there .... In Malaysia is it very hot or is it like that ??? for me it is so hot !!!!!! ok forget that...

the happy thing is I am going to New Zealand....

look at this pictures. It must be so tiring for mama packing.... & papa...THANKS A LOT!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

School This Year....

Hi everybody. Iam telling you all about my own real life in ( 2009) and it is FANTASTIC AND I AM A PREFECT!!!!!!! That is what is what i I take care of the canteen and 2 CEMERLANG....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Fantastic 6 Family!!!!

hi you remember about my first blog.(my first world of blogging?)now i am not telling you about my first blog .Now i am telling you a story of my big and also my happy family .there are six members of my family. I will show you my big & happy family..

First of all papa

his name is Mohd. Azmir Bin Idris.

Papa works as a pilot.

Papa flies a Malaysia Airlines air craft.
Papa also likes outdoor activity like
mount climbing.

thats all about papa...

second is mama . mama likes cooking.

if you want to now about mama's recipe please click -here.

mama loves giving her love to mama's daughter's.

mama is always exercising.

she is a good and happy

This is my first sister.
she will be 10 in 2009
if you want to know about her please click here.
she is sometimes book crazy.
she is very intelligent.
that is all about her.

This is my second sister.
She is Amirah Balqis.
She is very naughty.
She likes posing for the camera.
Balgis is 5 in 2009(24 November)
That's all about the naughtiest girl
at Fantastic 6...

This is Fantastic 6 most cutest.
She is Amirah Nadeen.
She will be 2 in 2009 (2 December)
She is a fast leaner child.
She is like my second sister.
She like posing for the camera too.
Thats all about the cutest.

Thats all about ........... Fantastic 6.. Clap Your Hands...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My first world of blogging...

Hi everybody my name is Amirah Wardah.I was born on the 1st January 2001.I am seven years old but..I am in standard 2(Thats because I was born on 1st January.)I live in Puchong.I'm very happy because I have my first blog .

Lets start with my life.....My hobby is playing with my cats. My favorite food is soups.My favorite drink is F&N grape..My favorite day is birthday thats because it is New Year..ha..ha..ha..

My blog tittle is Who Will I Be? Because that is the tittle of my favorite song (CAMP ROCK )DISNEY CHANNEL. It is also a journey from me,a little girl to what I will be in the future.

Hope you enjoy my blog.Welcome to my world of blogging............